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Interview Experience Shared by B-School Alumni.

FMS Delhi

Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), University of Delhi, Delhi

Saurabh Garg

(Passing Year - 2019)

Round 1 - Personal Interview:

There were two middle-aged professors (A & B (Lady)) in the panel. The third one came when I was about to leave and thus, did not ask any question.

Duration: 7-8 minutes

A: We will give you a topic. You would have 10 seconds to think on it and then you need to speak on it for a minute. We will tell you to start and stop accordingly.

B: The topic is 'India is number one'.

A: What do you think, what are the problems India is facing? List priority-wise.
Please elaborate.
How do you plan to improve the situation?
Comment on the policies of NDA government.

B: Why MBA?
If all Software Developers start planning for MBA, how will IT sector work?
What do you read?
Why do you prefer Hindu over TOI?
What was the editorial today in Hindu? What was the editorial yesterday?
Can you name the publishing groups of Hindu and TOI newspapers?
Name their CEOs.
What other calls have you received?

A & B: Ok. All the best.